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Sunday Morning Education Hour

Kids' Bible Discovery Hour (K4 through 3rd grade)

Kids' Bible Discovery Hour is an excellent opportunity for children in grades K4 through 3rd grade to learn and have fun in a comfortable and wholesome atmosphere. Our team of licensed teachers will inspire kids of all ages to "Love the Lord [their] God with all [their] heart and with all [their] soul and with all [their] strength" (Dueteronomy 6:5). Bible Hour (Sunday School) is held September-May after church at 10:15 a.m. on Sunday mornings and lasts for an hour. Keep an eye on our calendar for exact dates. A great way to contact us for more information about Sunday School or any of our other ministires is via our Facebook Page

Youth Bible Study (4th through 8th grade)

Do you wonder how humans got on Earth? Or if and why Jesus had to die? What about that worldwide flood? How will the world end, and can we know when? Are you in grade 4 through 8? If you are, you have a very exciting opportunity to participate in a new program created just for YOU at Beautiful Savior! We answer the above questions and any more you may have on Sunday mornings at 10:15 in our Youth Bible Study. The informal and open structure of the class will encourage questions and provide the much-needed, Biblical answers in this 21st century.

Dialog with the Pastor (Adult Bible Group)

Do you have questions you've always wanted to ask the pastor but never had the chance? Do you want to put the pastor on the "hot seat?" Do you simply want to learn more about the Bible and our Christian faith? Dialog with the Pastor gives you these opportunities, and so much more! Accompanied with hot coffee, juice and sweet treats, you will discover a new richness to the Scriptures as we explore the Bible together at 10:15 a.m. in Fellowship Hall! 


Other Ministries

Bible Class

Tuesday morning Bible class is held at 10:00 a.m. September-May in the Luther Room. It is an opportunity to study three weekly Bible passages in depth with the pastor as well as talk about the Christian faith and how it relates to our daily lives. The relaxed setting is extremely conducive for discussion, yet not imposing for those who would rather just listen. For more information call (414) 871-6744. We would love to have you join us!

New Member Ministry 

Are you interested in becoming a member of Beautiful Savior? Our New Member Ministry is just for you! Pastor Raabe meets with you within your schedule for informal chats about how the Bible relates to our lives today. Simply call (414) 871-6744 or use our contact us feature for more personalized details or to sign up. 

Mission Sewing Ministry

Actions speak louder than words, and truer words were never spoken of our dedicated Mission Sewers, a very caring, active group. Whether you have years of sewing experience or are simply good with your hands, there is a helping task waiting for you. Some of our helpers cut measured squares of cloth and put together patterns of material. Others do pinning and sewing. One volunteer attaches cards that say, "Jesus loves you and so do we" as she prays for the recipient of each quilt.

Who receives the quilts from our Mission Sewers? International students at local universities receive quilts and other household items from volunteers like Bessie Fick (pictured above with quilts) of the International Student Ministry, a part of the Lutheran Student Fellowship at UW-Milwaukee. She makes sure the quilts -- and oftentimes Bibles -- get into the hands of those visiting our campuses. Her proudest moment from last year is when she aided several adult students on their path to becoming baptized.

Older adults in hospice and palliative care at Froedtert Hospital receive quilts and lap blankets. Infants also receive baby blankets from our busy workers through the Lutheran Missions Attic Workshop in Muskego, WI. If you would like to join this group of crafting women, call (414) 871-6744 for details.

NOTE: Check out our blog regarding the power of prayer; its message came straight from our Mission Sewing Group volunteers!