Volunteer for First Friday!


Volunteer for First Friday!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for volunteering for First Friday! We absolutely, completely, 100% could NOT continue this ministry without you, our committed and faithful volunteers. We know....it's often a labor of love, a lot of work, and exhausting. But it's worth it to see those happy kids, and to watch them grow up every month! 

Click here to access the First Friday Schedule of Events for 2023. It's an editable google doc, so feel free to add notes, links or fill in your name to help lead a game or activity!  

First Friday Volunteer

Can you volunteer this month?*

Help set-up?

Often, a group of volunteers gathers on Thursday (the day before First Friday) to set-up the activities/craft/games a day in advance. This need fluctuates. If you check the box, we'll get in touch with you if your help is needed this month!