First Friday


First Friday

Parents' Night Off

First Friday Activities

Kids get supper and an assortment of fun with friends and siblings, including playing ping pong, foosball, air hockey, playing checkers, board games or occasionally a trip to Kops Park or even a scavenger hunt, movie, or sprinkler fun! Parents, you get a “night off” on the First Friday of every month. Pre-registration is strongly suggested before the night of First Friday, although walk-ins are always accepted. 

First Friday is geared toward children aged fully potty trained through 12 or so, but often our young friends transition to a volunteer role around the age of 12! If you are interested in volunteering for VBS, CLICK HERE to sign up for this month!

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what is first friday?

First Friday is the best of both worlds!
For parents: you get a night off, complete with the peace of mind that your children are in a monitored, safe, and structured environment.
For kids: you get to have fun with neighborhood friends, old and new!
Drop-off: no earlier than 5pm, preferably before 5:30 (but you can come anytime!)
Cost: $2 per child (to help cover food & supplies)
Dinner: served at 5:45pm
Pick-up: anytime before 9pm (thank you for considering our tired volunteers!)

what do we do at first friday?

We eat!

100% home-made meals and desserts
Healthy and DELICIOUS!

 We are active

Whether we are headed to Kops park, playing on the church lawns, splashing in sprinklers, or getting competitive in the "activity room," we work off our energy in a fun and safe environment. See below for the activities we have planned all year 'round!

 We are social

The kids love to see their friends at First Friday, both their neighbors and our loving volunteers! 

We learn

Whether it's a fun Bible-based skit, an engaging trivia game, or an educational activity, we have a blast and learn something too - we are having so much fun, we hardly notice!

 We love

The Bible tells us to "love our neighbor" and we take that seriously at First Friday.
Following the rules, helping others, and using kind words are just a start.

First friday schedule


The 3 Kings of Epiphany


God's Love & Treasure Hunts


Towers, Towers, Towers!


Jesus Really Rose! (that's no April Fools)


Into the Lab - Science Night!


Sports & Outdoors Night @ Kops Park


Water, Water, Water!


Sprinkler Night (wear swimsuits + bring towels!)


God's Amaaaaaaazing Animals


All About Autumn


Movie Night (wear pajamas + bring blankets!)


Gingerbread House Decorating Challenge

Please understand that you or a designated adult must pick up child(ren) BEFORE 9:00 p.m., preferably between 8:30 and 9:00, and that by filling out the form below you agree to pay $2 per child to cover basic food and materials expenses.

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The first friday tonight show

That's right! We are recording our very own & original TV show in front of a LIVE studio audience (that's you!) To get caught up on previous episodes, click on the image below