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GREETINGS, good sirs and fair maidens! ARE YOU READY to steb back in time FOR VBS 2023?

Keepers of the Kingdom is VBS in the days of knights, castles, and fencing duels! Be prepared to experience the excitement and history of days gone by in this Medieval setting. We'll learn that the most important battle of all is the war for the souls and hearts of all humans, and how we can be equipped with armor from Heaven to do our part in this war!

Time travel isn't easy, that's for sure, so be sure you're ready when the time comes!

July 24 - 28, 2023, 4:30 - 8:00pm


Every night at 5pm, a home-cooked meal for the WHOLE FAMILY. And it's all FREE, just like God's grace. 

Families! Mom, Dad, Brother, & Sister - You are invited to join in the exciting play at 5:30, and don't scuttle home! Parents, we will have focus groups to share parenting ideas, plus, maybe a craft or two for you. And it's all FREE -- just like God's grace! Or, maybe you and/or your teen would like to volunteer for VBS? That would be great! You can find all that information and sign up by clicking below:

Volunteer at VBS 

Daily Schedule

4:30pm (Monday only) -> Check-in & registration

5:00pm -> Dinner for the WHOLE family!

5:30pm -> Exciting daily drama

5:50pm -> Parent's Focus Group, Middle School Bible Study, and Crafts, Games, and REAL Bible Stories for the kids!

7:40pm -> High-energy song time

8:00pm -> Goodnight and see you tomorrow! (except Friday - see below)

8:00pm  (FRIDAY ONLY) -> Presentation by the kids for parents, grandparents, etc. + ICE CREAM SOCIAL


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